REVIEW: Baxter Of California

It's time to throw out your guys' Irish Spring and Axe deodorant. Don't even ask, just toss it. But replace it with some luxe new goodies, that you might even be tempted to borrow. Most of guys I see for skincare at the office usually have come my way from their significant other; but they still want their own face products. I had picked up some really (realllyyyy) nice candles from Baxter at Saturday's Surf and had the chance to try some of their body and skincare recently. This line is old school having started in the late 60s, and now has an array of hair, body and skin products. The first thing you'll notice is the packaging in the happiest hues of blues and greens, which ooze cali vibes, and i can proudly display in my shower. Secondly, all the products I tried don't have that awful polo sport smell most lines geared towards men have. Most importantly, the following products I played around with had a nice array of ingredients; more details below! 

Daily Face Wash this is a gel, its fragrance free, has coconut derived cleansing agents so its not harsh, and a shot of aloe for soothing.

Under Eye Complex fragrance free with a light but hydrating texture, and in a tube (no messy jars). vitamins, ginkgo for reducing puffiness, and fatty acids for free radical protection. 

Oil Free Moisturizer lightweight texture, fragrance free, and won't leave you with a shiny face. vitamin a (the best!), vitamin e, and antioxidants like green tea. 

Body Wash gel formula, but the jojoba and plant based cleansing agents make it hydrating. comes in three unisex scents, but i especially love the 'italian lime and pomegranite'

Deodorant it's probably wishful thinking but i truly feel mens deodorant (and shavers!) just work better. and i can get behind this fresh citrus smell, and that it's alcohol and aluminum free. 

The Candles oh the candles! these soy wax candles come in collections of three different scents per series. plus some special editions for saturdays surf and union made. i'm partial to any of the scents in the 'white wood' series with notes like bergamot and vetiver - so fresh so clean.