Lip Service

My earliest memory of makeup is buying a little tube of Cherry Chapstick. Girls at school weren't wearing makeup yet, so this was the next best thing. Soon after there was the discovery of Bonne Belle Lip Smackers. I had to collect every..single..flavor. They were so inexpensive that my mother gave in and my stash grew so much that my little friends would always ask if we could play with them when they came by. Gross! Anyway, twenty-something years later, and I am still hoarding lip products. Fortunately, nowadays there are much better formulas then those 99 cent waxy scented sticks..

There are more do's then don'ts when deciding on a really good lip moisturizer. Lips don't have the same oil glands like we have on the rest of our skin, which is why they are really susceptible to dryness. The only ingredients you want to avoid are alcohols, menthols, camphor, phenol, and anything in the spicy essential oil family (think peppermint, cinnamon, etc) Bottom line: avoid lip plumping products. That sting you feel when you apply is irritating, which leads to inflammation/swelling, and that is why you get the temporary plumped look. Excessive dryness and collagen breakdown just isn't worth the trade off! 


Rosebud Salve Full of surgical grade petrolatum and cotton seed oil, this is truly a all purpose salve, and now finally comes in a squeeze tube.

Lucas Paw Paw When a product is over 100 years old and still talked about, its worth a look. My aussie pals turned me onto this multi purpose ointment which has fermented papaya. 

Fresh Lip Treatment A perfect blend of oils with some formulas having a hint of color, perfection!

Rodin Lip Balm Enriched with shea butter and totally sheer, this comes in an adorable ring or a square little compact.